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Bell Fire Alarm Signals

The original Fire Hall was located in a garage at the ground level of the Town Hall. Built in 1890, the structure pictured below served as the Fire Hall until it was torn down in January 1950 to make way for construction of the present Fire Hall. Another photograph of this building appears on this page.

Note the bell tower on the roof; a bell hanging there was used to summon firefighters to emergency calls in days past. The bell is now the centerpiece of the McKissick Memorial that proudly stands in front of the Fire Hall.


Photograph of the first Guardian Hose Company Fire Hall built in 1890.

(Photograph from the archives of the Guardian Hose Company).


Pike pole


To make way for construction of a new Fire Hall, the first Fire Hall was torn down in January 1950.  Pictured below is a crew working on dismantling the old Town Hall. 

Photograph of a work crew tearing down the first fire hall in January 1950 to make way for the current fire hall.


Left to right - Robert Ogle, Franklin M. Long, Russell Green, and Louis J. Plumer.

(photo courtesy of Louis J. Plumer)                      

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