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The Guardian Hose Company is an all volunteer fire company which receives minimal funding from the Frederick County Government. Generally, governmental funding is appropriated to us solely for operating expenses such as:

fuel, maintenance, and repairs on fire apparatus
electricity, heating, telephone, and water bills for our fire station
administrative office expenses and postage and printing fees

The Town of Thurmont provides us with a generous grant on annual basis for which we are truly grateful.

We also receive some funding from the State of Maryland (508 funds or Senator William H. Amoss funds)

However, the bulk of our operating and capital expense monies have historically been generated by our own fund raising activities. We rely heavily on, and are extremely grateful for, the support of the citizens and businesses of the Thurmont area. These folks regularly come out to our fund raisers and enjoy themselves while contributing to a worthy cause.

We purchase our own fire apparatus with our own funds; the fire trucks are not furnished to us by the Town or County government. Typical cost of a modern fire engine today is approximately $350,000 which represents just the motorized apparatus itself. If we had to buy all new equipment, e.g., ladders, hoses, self-contained breathing apparatus, for a new fire engine, the cost of the equipment would easily add another $150,000 to the price tag.

To raise the funds needed to purchase our own fire apparatus and other needed equipment, we hold a variety of fund raising events throughout the year. Listed in the navigation bar to the left side of this page, you will find web pages that describe some of our fundraisers. More specific information about fund raising events is included in the Calendar of Events pages.

The public's support of our fund raisers is greatly appreciated, and please rest assured that the money you spend at Guardian Hose Company sponsored events is put to good use right here in the Town of Thurmont.


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