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Harry Otis Miller

Harry started chasing fire engines as a kid. It was one of the most exciting things that a kid could do in Thurmont, and it was a good fore-runner of becoming a fireman.

That's how it started with the man, who 50 years later, was to be honored for his dedicated service to the fire company and the people of Thurmont.

Harry was a barber, he was his own boss and could manage his business in his own manner. He was always available right in the center of town. For all those reasons and the fact that he was a top-notch fireman, he kept a monitor in his barber shop and received the fire calls as they were reported. . . and, he was one of the first to dash out of his shop and head up the hill to the firehall.

His customers knew this. Each time they stopped in to avail themselves of Harry's services, they silently hoped that the fire alarm would remain silent. It was a chance they took and most of the time they were lucky and had their tonsorial services rendered without interruption. 

However, if Harry did rush out to make a call, they had three choices - sit and wait hoping the call was not too serious, finish the job themselves, or leave. None of his customers ever failed to return.


Harry Otis Miller, long time member and Chief of the Guardian Hose Company

Retired Chief Harry O. Miller after 50 years of dedicated
service to the Guardian Hose Company and the
residents of Thurmont

(The Guardian Hose Company, 50th Anniversary of Reorganization, p.13).


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