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A special service was held on Sunday, September 22, 1968, to dedicate the Eugene J. McKissick Memorial. The Guardian Hose Company members attended the Methodist Church in a body and, following the services, they went to the site of the Memorial where services were conducted by the Rev. Robert M. Braden, Chaplain of the local fire company.

The Memorial was erected following the sudden death of Eugene J. McKissick, who was a dedicated fireman, and stands in his memory and in memory of all deceased members of the Guardian Hose Company.

The memorial is located on the southeast corner of the firehouse parking lot, is 2 feet wide and 9 feet long. It is made of solid stone. On top is the old fire bell which was purchased by the local fire company in 1890 and placed in the tower of the old Town Hall where for many years it tolled the news of a fire which brought the volunteers running from all parts of town.


McKissick Memorial to all deceased members of the Guardian Hose Company.

McKissick Memorial on the parking lot of the Guardian Hose Company Fire Hall


Eugene J. McKissick

Eugene J. McKissick


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