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New Fire Hall Construction Project

Quick Facts

The first fire hall in Thurmont was built as a part of what was then the Town Hall in 1890. It was located on the same site where the present fire hall now sits.

The existing fire hall was built in 1950 at a cost of $42,000; the building was 56 years old.

Our former fire hall didn't accommodate all of our emergency apparatus; in addition to the main fire hall, we used a two-bay brick building at the end of the parking lot (former home of the ambulance company) and a metal structure to house five additional pieces of apparatus and for storage.

We previously had apparatus "two deep" - the engine tanker was parked behind a fire engine, and the rescue engine was parked behind the rescue squad. The new fire hall layout allows for our four main pieces of apparatus to be lined up, side by side, which is a much more efficient arrangement.

The new fire hall will take the place of our existing three buildings and will be slightly "wider" than the existing fire hall. A portion of the parking lot will be lost to the increased building size, but ample parking will exist where the brick and metal buildings now sit and on our large parking lot to the rear of the property.

Groundbreaking for the new fire hall was held on Sunday, July 2, 2006 with occupancy being estimated for about eight months later. Construction cost for the new fire hall is estimated to be $2.2 million.


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