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Wayne Finneyfrock Killed in the Line of Duty

It was a warm June afternoon, the rain had just stopped, and the fire siren sounded. Firemen from all over town were dashing up to the fire hall to answer the alarm. Wayne Finneyfrock had heard the call, and, as he had done so many times before, jumped into his red car and headed for the fire hall.

The time the firemen would answer the call without Wayne. His car skidded on the rain-soaked road and crashed into the telephone pole on the corner of South Carroll Street and East Main Street. Death came instantaneously.

A trustee and a driver for the Guardian Hose Company, Wayne at 33 years of age had answered his last call June 21, 1973.

(The Guardian Hose Company, 50th Anniversary of Reorganization, p.14).

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